Prince Harry’s Temperament Shifts Since Stepping Back from Royal Duties

Since Prince Harry and Meghan stepped away from their royal duties in early 2020, the Royal Family landscape has undergone significant transformations, including the demeanor of the Duke of Sussex himself, as per expert analysis.

In his bestselling memoir “Spare,” released last year, Prince Harry vividly depicted the heightened emotions surrounding the Sussexes’ departure from royal life. Now residing in California, the couple has garnered attention with their Netflix documentary series, earning accolades while focusing on their growing family. Meanwhile, challenges persist within the UK’s Royal Family.

King Charles’s ongoing cancer treatment renders him unable to fulfill public duties presently, while Kate recuperates from January’s abdominal surgery, aiming for a return by Easter. The King has long advocated for a streamlined monarchy to modernize and reduce taxpayer expenses, particularly with William prioritizing family and missing recent engagements due to personal reasons, leaving the royal household understaffed.

Anna Tyzack, in The Independent, suggests a potential reconciliation between the King and his youngest son, Prince Harry, who could assume a hybrid role akin to their earlier proposal upon stepping back. Tyzack highlights Harry’s charisma and enduring popularity, despite recent controversies, as assets that could bolster the monarchy during these turbulent times.

Reflecting on Harry’s evolution since leaving the UK, Tyzack notes that the prince, turning 40 in September, has matured significantly. Witnessing his father’s battle with cancer has reportedly tempered his once-fiery disposition, indicating a potential shift towards reconciliation and maturity.

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